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Stewart G. Case

1916 - 1990

Inducted October 2016

 "He was a national leader in recreation who brought leisure ideas to farm families."
~Robert Davis

Stewart Case was a member of the American Recreation Society (ARS), one of the five orga­nizations that merged to become the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA). He was influential in decisions made to form NRPA, serving on the NRPA Board of Trustees and Board of Governors and as the first president of NRPA's American Park and Recreation Society branch.

Influential in passing a Colorado legislative bill to establish recreation districts, Case encouraged state leaders to form a Recreation Advisory Board to discuss ways to preserve and protect natural resources. His efforts were instrumental in culminating the formation of the state's Division of Parks and Wildlife.

Case was also a founding member of the Colorado Parks and Recreation Society (now CPRA), instituting Tourist Hospitality Schools, a precursor to the state tourism bureau. Case spent his career as a Recreation and Community Development Specialist through the Colorado State University Extension Service. His primary responsibility was to inspire, support and educate community leaders to understand the value of recreation and parks and to help them find ways to provide recreational opportunities and facilities for their residents.

A Fort Collins, Colorado, native, Case received his bachelor's degree from Colorado Agricultural College, now Colorado State University. He then received his Masters Degree in Recreation and Director of Recreation Degree from Indiana University. Case served in the U.S. Army for five years during World War 11 and was called back into service during the Korean War.

Dedicated to making a difference in the field of parks and recreation, Case had a reputation for his exceptional networking skills and for getting things accomplished. He served on various national boards, received numerous awards and wrote countless articles and books. 

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